The past few weeks have been very busy! First, a quick trip to San Deigo and LA. Then music by Kevin Dippold and Wallace's Line (Kevin Dippold and Cole Newman) was featured in the New York independent film, "Dress Rehearsal". The movie--which is a psychological look at the lives of strugling actors living in New York--premiered in New York's lower east side at the Pioneer Theater. Many Kevin Dippold Wallace's Line songs featured, including "Mind Changing", "Ecstasy in Overdrive", "Jettison" and more. The trailer and original music by Kevin Dippold/Wallace's Line can be viewed at

In other news, Kevin's solo CD, "Love and War" is almost done! The album will most likely have 13 songs some of which are BRAND NEW! The songs are a blend of '60s Psychedelic music with drum machines, and a subtle blend of acoustic folk music, classical counterpoint, and African rhythms. Take a listen for yourself in the Media section. Stay tuned for new videos, and if you're on myspace, send a message there too!